Duncans Mills Camping ClubOn The Russian River

Flood Update 3/25/19

We are still hoping to open for storage on 4/1 and camping on 4/5.

We have been able to get the water restored and tested clear. All electric hookups at campsites have been disassembled, cleaned, greased and put back in working order. The main restroom shower house is ready to go. We think both the family lodge & adult lodge will be ready. We are still removing debris and cleaning every day.  Our front gate is close to being put back together. We have a new spa heater on order and think it will also be ready by 4/5. Our goal is to have A row, C row, and the full hookup D sites open by 4/5. The majority of D row will not be ready for at least another month and the lower bathhouse will require extensive repair. Most of the buildings were Yellow Tagged but we think they will be able to be cleared by the end of this week.

There are three big obstacles in our way at this point.

  1. RAIN: The constant rain is not letting our roads and campsites dry out. We cannot groom and apply new gravel to the roads and campsites when they are so saturated with water. In addition, we will not be able to open as there is way too much mud and soft ground with this rain. We are hoping that it will dry out later this week. This is the one item that may cause us to delay our opening.
  2. Electricity: We await PGE to assist us in checking 3 main power boxes that went under water. We need to repair them in order to open. We feel this will be done by 4/5.
  3. Propane: We had a couple of our propane tanks lift and float. We are working with our supplier to get them repaired so we can open the Laundry Room, Two Cabins, Propane Dispenser. This may take a little more time.

The end result is I am going to wait until Saturday, 3/30 to make the decision on opening on 4/1 for storage and 4/5 for camping. I will post that decision here and on the Facebook page as well as leave a voicemail on our phone at the club. I am hoping the weather will give us a break this week and we can move forward. As of tonight we cannot order gravel for the campsites and roads as it would be a waste of money and time. I thank you for your patience and want you to know that our guys are working very hard to get back up and running.                                       – Brian Bevak, DMCC