Duncans Mills Camping ClubOn The Russian River

Camping Club Suffers Sever Flooding

The Club suffered severe flooding last week. We are currently cleaning out buildings, getting the water & electricity running, and waiting for our insurance to come and take a look. We will be working every day to get the club up and running as soon as possible. At this time we know we will not be able to open in March. Once we get our utilities working we can get an idea how long it will take to get open again. We will keep members informed here and on our Facebook Page. We do not have phones at the club right now either. While we would like to reach out to everyone who has emailed it is very hard to do while also working to get the club back open.

Many members have asked how they may help. We cannot let anybody in the club at this time due to County Inspection, and Insurance mandates. We appreciate everybody’s concern and want you to know we will get the job done. We also hope all members weathered the storm & flood okay as this has affected many people.

Thank you, Brian Bevak – DMCC